8/19-8/22 We Hate Scaffolding

Thursday 8/22

On Thursday we did some split duties. As I (Denny) was home watching my two month old son Luke, I re-added the financials to the business plan, basically finishing it until the next addition. For those who have never written a business plan, the plan is ever changing and the document is living. I wish I had a dollar for every time I said the plan was "done" as we would no longer need any cash to finish our project. Either way, after every addition, edit, and printing, it feels as though this is the final final copy and that feels good. We are now sitting at a 56 page business plan.   

In addition to the business plan, I talked with a well respected individual in the restaurant community and set up an appointment for advice in hiring our future chef. We are beginning to prep for our search and want to make sure we are as prepared as possible when we undertake that portion of the project.  

Fran Foster, our graphic designer, has been putting some finishing touches on our final logo. Over the last 4 or so days, her and I have been working together to finalize our logo which will lead into an array of changes beginning with the look of our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter handle. We are all really looking forward to locking down our final look and releasing it to the public.  

While I was working at the house, Barry was at the building taking out an upstairs window in preparations to utilize the opening for scaffolding. If you haven't seen him down there the last few days, you likely will over the weekend. On top of the window removal, he has cleaned up the back area and removed some of the mortar from the previous 3 days, 


Wednesday 8/20

Yesterday was a busy day...but not for the business. Barry had a very busy day at work and was sore from the prior day's grinding. I had to watch my little one and run errands all day. Outside of logo work, beer recipe formulation, and some back and forth emails, we picked up a free freezer for our festival brews. We ran out of room to crash cool and needed some additional room quickly.   

Thanks to Stuart and Darrell McMillian for the help in getting us a freezer. We really appreciate the help and support. 


Tuesday 8/19

Barry spent 6 hours down at the building grinding out the back, picking up a few areas, and generally making progress toward the upcoming tuck-pointing. He ground out approximately 1/4 of the back wall, reducing our future labor costs significantly.  

After work, I was on a mission to price freezers...coming within minutes of buying. Luckily I am glad we waited. 

When home, I spent a couple of hours going over the business plan and adding a few sections to further flesh out our idea.  


Monday 8/18

Barry spent a couple of hours grinding on the building back wall. After the FT job, we built scaffolding to prepare for Barry's work plan for Tuesday.