8/17-8/18 Tours and Brews

Sunday 8/18

On Sunday we had our first community brew day and we were thrilled with the turn out. We weren't sure what to expect but hoped for 15-20 people from the community to come down, say hello, and maybe tour the building. By the end of the day, we had well over 50 individuals come down to show their support and excitement. To those that told us they wanted to come but couldn't, we hope to do this again in the future...and hopefully sooner rather than later.

The brew itself went very well. We brewed 11 gallons of Light Blonde, which will be our house light beer when the brewpub opens. We have to thank Ryan Weik, Jeremy Bell, and Chris Westerhold for helping throughout the brew day, we couldn't have done it without them.

So our beers for the upcoming September 7th Tanglefoot Brewfest are finally finished. Over the next 2 weeks, they will each be kegged and carbonated in preparation for our first event. If you haven't already decided to go, we hope you head down to hear about the beers, the brewpub, and check out our initial t-shirts and glasses.

Saturday 8/17

We assembled some more scaffolding and continued to grind out the mortar on the back wall. After years of neglect, these particular bricks are more brittle from years of water drainage and cold weather. As a result, we've had many bricks just crumble when we attempt to grind. To find the silver lining in an otherwise dark brown situation, many of these bricks will be interior bricks after the build-on (kitchen, bathrooms, access hallway). As interior bricks, we may just seal them as is, giving the interior wall more character.

The back area had a substantial amount of burnt wood that came from inside the building. To prepare for Sunday's brew day, the wood was cut up and removed...allowing for a clean concrete pad.