8/14-8/16 Can you feel the electricity?

Friday 8/16

Today we finally had our temporary electric installed. We are now part of modern society and this electric stuff. It is the first time we have ever seen an electric box read 00000.

We started assembling scaffolding in the back part of the building in preparation for grinding and tuck-pointing.

We had a meeting with the Festus City Administrator to lock up our upcoming brew plan for Sunday, which is to be announced shortly. Mr. Welch has been incredibly helpful throughout the project and we want to thank him publicly.

Our graphic designer, Fran Foster (catchmeifyoufran.com) has been working very hard over the last few days finalizing our logo and our initial t-shirt design. We are very close to having things locked down which is very exciting.

Thursday 8/15

I spent most of the day adding a few sections to the business plan, detailing out some of our plans to prevent any extra questions in the future. We are now sitting at 46 pages without accompanying projected financials.

We met with an upcoming St. Louis nationwide start-up company called StartSource (www.startsource.tv). They will be launching on October 11th and we will be officially using them for our crowd-funding campaign. They fit our goals and our 'community first' motto. We will be releasing additional information in the coming weeks.

Wednesday 8/14

We met with a local lawyer to further discuss our investment scenario and the legality therein. We have to make sure we are 100% legal to prevent any future issues.