8/12-8/13 - From the Windows to the Wall

On Monday we set up a couple of meetings, one with an executive at a crowd-funding site we are considering and another for a window bid. We edited the business plan after the last update and began the process of breaking down the financial model further into specific months for more detail.

Tuesday, August 13th, we called a few lawyers to help with some of our business questions. Most of our questions and concerns tend to deal with government and red tape and how to ensure we are complying with every regulation and ruling.

Our electrician came by to install the temporary electric pole in preparation for the impending service. Thanks to DeCollo Electric. We are hoping to have electric by the weekend, allowing us to use 2 grinders at once! How we've always dreamed of being on scaffolding wielding 2 high powered grinders!

We also met with a couple of very nice guys who measured the windows throughout the building. They will be bidding out window construction and possible installation.

We looked at the interior walls and are preparing for one last clean before sealing the brick.

The busy never stops, but that's a good thing isn't it?