January 24th - More Digging

Today is short and sweet...to explain.

We went and bought some brewing goods at the Brew and Wine supply in Hillsboro. We needed some white wheat, some hose clamps, Ph packets, and a few trinkets for the brew day tomorrow.

After the store trip we worked in the basement, digging out more of the cellar room. To sum this up in one simple word: miserable. It was cold and difficult. With no access point other than a current cut out in the wall, this job is just terrible. When we're done we'll be digging footings, pouring concrete, and adding a drain/sump pump. Once complete this new cellar room will be able to hold about 18 full size barrels, holding about 990 gallons of beer (or about 31 total measured barrels). These barrels will be used to bring you, the customer, some seriously special releases.

Note: we know using a tiller in an enclosed space is dangerous. We used it sparingly and let the room air out afterward before continuing to work. It shaved countless hours off the process.