January 23 - Taking it to Ferguson

Yesterday we has a packed day but one that can be summed up rather quickly.

We had two investor meetings that went well. Talking about the project with others and answering questions is always fun and exciting. Getting to see other people within the community get excited about the project and the advancements we've made is an excellent feeling.

We had a large delivery of wood sent over by our friends at the Festus Do It Center. We're going to use the 90 2x4s to shore up the building to allow for further construction (we have help on this part). The work itself should start Saturday. This ridiculous cold has delayed our work and we hope the arctic weather comes to an end.

We also met with the general manager up at the always excellent Ferguson Brewing Company. Among his main duties are running the kitchen, menu development, inventories, ordering, and training the cooks. We went up to pick his brain on the importance of each thing when finding a head chef/kitchen manager. He was extremely helpful, answering our questions and giving us more confidence when it comes to hiring the perfect fit for our head chef/kitchen position. A big thank you goes out to Mr. Wiesen.