January 14 - Another Busy Day

Today we had to rent a storage unit to unload the first half of the walk-in we picked up yesterday. After unloading the U-Haul we found that the vast majority of the remaining walk-in may take into the night to disassemble. So we are now looking to go pick up the remainder on Thursday morning.

We started work on prepping the final two upstairs openings for windows. Each opening had to be correctly prepped for the upcoming windows, and each opening has been different than each of the other 16.

We have a 99% final plan on our brewing equipment and hope to place the order within a few days. It has taken a ton of time and research but we feel we're going with one of the best and highest quality brew system manufacturing companies in the world. We are going to be very proud in saying our equipment is 100% American made.

We made a couple of appointments that will help in our planning of the eventual kitchen build on. Fellow brewpubs have been an incredible help and resource throughout this process and they continue to help by answering any questions we may have. Thanks to Ferguson Brewing, Prison Brews in Jeff City, Martin City Brewing in Kansas City, and Kaskaskia Brewing in Red Bud, IL. Each of these places have been vital in helping us get started.