January 13 - We have a walk-in

Well I know it's been over a month since an update. I keep saying that we'll make more updates but time is short and this is one thing that's fallen behind. Again, I hope for that to change.

In the last month we've totally rebuilt the front, started to prepare the basement for concrete (for the barrel rooms), finalized equipment orders, signed a variety of insurance policies, and been approved by the SBA and bank for our business loan. There's a ton of other things but that's at least a quick rundown.

Today we drove 3 hours to buy a used walk-in cooler. To drive 3 hours one way, it had to be a great deal and it was. The only issue was the sheer size of the cooler along with the 2nd walk-in they gave us for buying the first. The two together were far larger than our huge U-Haul meaning we have a second 3 hour drive coming up...maybe as soon as tomorrow. But all in all, this find will save us thousands and the two trips are well worth the savings.