8/26-8/28 Grinding in Public Isn't Always Bad

Wednesday 8/28

We spent all day finalizing our graphic branding which entails a final logo and other designs that will support that logo. This new look will roll-out in the near future and will be strongly featured at the September 7th Brewfest. After locking down the look, we ordered our first set of glasses and finalized our first shirt design. The shirts will be at the festival while the glasses likely will make their debut at the October 26th Oktoberfest at the Festus Elks. Thanks to Fran Foster (cmyf on Facebook) for the hard work.

After the design work, I thoroughly cleaned and sanitized 10 kegs in preparation for the festival beer. I ended up kegging 10 gallons of Pumpkin Ale and 9 gallons of American Pale Ale, giving us our first 4 kegs as Main & Mill Brewing Company. Both beers are carbonating as I type.

While working on some of the design work and ordering the accompanying swag, Barry was down at the building making progress on the back wall grinding. The wall is very close to being ready for a cleaning and tuck-pointing.

Tuesday 8/27

After Barry did some grinding, we built scaffolding to try and reach the far right side of the building's back wall. The progress is looking good and we're getting closer and closer to finishing the grind work.

We also went and picked up a large chest freezer that must weigh between 300-400 pounds. This thing is older but works excellent. Barry and I are still recovering from moving this thing. Thanks to Ms. Renee Williams for the freezer.

Monday 8/26

We talked with a lawyer and set up an appointment for Thursday in regard to investment legality. We worked on additional paperwork for local financing through the EDC.

The grinding continues...