January 16/17 - Tons to do

On January 16th we met with the bank to finalize the upcoming equipment order and discussed the final authorization from the SBA. They needed a bit more info on the budget, so much of the day was relegated to computer work...checking the budget, finalizing equipment, pricing and designing an auger system (takes the freshly milled grain from the mill to the mash tun), and getting more detailed quotes on the glycol piping and solenoids (the things that turn a valve on and off when signaled).

After a very long computer day, we worked at the building. Currently we're digging out the basement to prepare for concrete. We are needing to dig our dirt floors down up to 6" and remove all dirt, rocks, ash, and bricks. This could possibly be the worst job we've had yet.

On January 17th we spent the day driving back to Virginia, IL to pick up the 2nd half of the walk-in cooler. To get the cooler, we needed a 20' U-Haul. The closest large U-Haul truck to Virginia was in Springfield...so we first drove to Springfield to pick up the truck. To take a break, we made sure to stop by the relatively new Engrained Brewing Company for a bite to eat and a beer. The place was very nice and both the food and beer were solid. If you're ever around Springfield, we suggest checking our Engrained.