9/17 - 9/24 Taking it to the Bank

Tuesday 9/24

Today is a 9-5 day for me and Barry is in the beautiful confines of the Smokey Mountains until this upcoming Saturday. That doesn't mean things are on a break however.

Today after work, I will be pouring over brewing equipment quotes to determine who we're going with, the cost differences, and the small details that each quote contains over others. I can say that Chinese equipment is much much cheaper than American made, but after hours and hours of research it looks like we are sticking with American made equipment. We want to stay in America for the normal reasons of keeping jobs, economic growth, and sourcing in the US, but like most other things, you get what you pay for in brewing equipment and we want our stuff to last for decades.

Monday 9/23

Another day of the regular job, but spent time debating on flying to California to look at a brewing system. The system is a show piece used for trade shows and looks like an excellent deal. After going over things continuously, we decided to wait. The system itself was sourced from China, and while it may be immaculate and of excellent quality, we are looking to stick with North American made equipment. It was a difficult choice as the cost was well below expectation for what was included.

Sunday 9/22

Took a family and relax day. Watched the Rams embarrass themselves but did so with family and friends, making for a great Sunday.

Saturday 9/21

Found a brewing system that has some serious potential. There are a couple of small concerns but the value looks excellent. We discussed the positives and negatives and may fly out to California to get a closer look.

Barry took a much needed vacation with Jan (wife and mom) to the Smokey mountains for their annivarsary. They'll be relaxing while making some visits to the local brewpubs that surround the area. Some pictures to come.

Friday 9/20

Our investment proposal is final. After meetings, drafts, and edits, we now have what will lead to the opening of Main & Mill Brewing Company. This is the document that will lead to the funds needed by a bank for a full loan.

We discussed the above proposal with a few banks we are now working with, giving them a final idea of our overall financial picture and general plan when it comes to repayment of loans/investors. This is a huge step to hitting our goal opening date.

Jeremy Bell and I also brewed the first version of a Brown Ale. The Brown was the newest "people's choice" from a Facebook and Twitter poll for the October 26th Oktoberfest at the Crystal City Elks. The brewday went very well overall and we're excited to try this first iteration.

Thursday 9/19

We met with Angela from Ameren along with our architect to go over the potential energy credits and reimbursements when starting a new construction/business project. Angela was incredibly nice and knowledgable and will be helping is make the right decisions in regard to our energy usage.

Jeremy, our architect, went over the final floor plans to make sure everything is where it needs to be. We covered a few concerns and things are looking great overall.

We also met with another bank regarding financing to make sure we get the best deal possible.

A very busy but very productive day.

Wednesday 9/18

Spent almost the entire day working on the TTB (Alchol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) Brewers Appication. This is basically what would make Main $"& Mill 100% legitimate in the eyes of the government. We would legally be able to brew beer on premise (once all permits are completed and inspection passed). Overall, this gigantic application takes a ton of time and typically is a big headache for anyone starting a brewery. We're trying to get this thing completed now, to prevent any timing issues in the future.

We also worked on the Dreamfund.me campaign (our upcoming crowd fund effort), trying to finish out our reward levels and the accompanying swag. We hope to have this live on October 11th and are working hard on the video, rewards, and design to meet that deadline.

Tuesday 9/17

A day at the FT job means less gets done when it comes to the brewpub. Drive straight from work to meet with Roger from the Jefferson County Economic Develolment Corporation to discuss funding. He was incredibly nice and helpful.