So Thursday I spent an hour or so on the phone with a variety of salesmen, contractors, and people around the community. Overall, whether they're a salesman or a person who just wants to learn more about our venture, it's an enjoyable call. People calling means people finally know what we are doing and that is exciting. I spent another hour cleaning out kegs in preparation for the upcoming Tanglefoot Brewfest.

As far as meetings go, I spent a few hours working up ideas and talking points for a meeting Thursday night between Barry, Fran (my sister and our graphic designer), and myself. Our meeting ended up taking about 4 hours. We covered some logo design work, initial shirt designs, final glass designs, and some preliminary, yet detailed, work on our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

During the afternoon on both Thursday and Friday, Barry spent time grinding out mortar at the building prepping the wall for a professional tuckpointing. In addition, he met with the electric company on Friday afternoon to get a temporary construction line run rather than continue to run from a generator. During the late evening, between taking care of 6 week old Luke, I finished out recipes for the upcoming Coffee Porter and the IPA.

Tomorrow brings another set of challenges that I hope to post about sometime this weekend.