10/19-10/23 Support the Campaign

Wednesday 10/23

We had a radio interview with Jefferson County's own KJFF AM 1400 to update the community on the progress and the Dreamfund campaign. We'll have it posted to the media section in the next couple of days.

We needed to finalize some design work for the campaign push and did that today...it should be visible in the next few days.

Carbed each of the 11 kegs that we have prepped for Saturday and started the cold press coffee for the coffee porter.

We also set to a meeting with the structural engineer for Saturday and set meetings with a couple of investors for next week.

Tuesday 10/22

Met with a brick mason to discuss the cutting out of the back brick to prepare for the addition (kitchen, bathrooms, etc). You should start seeing activity on the back in the near future.

We met with Chris from Mississippi Mud at the building today to go over the project, coffee, and various thoughts on beer collaborations. It went great and we look forward to collaborating with Mississippi Mud Coffee Roasters for our porter on Saturday as well as future beers that utilize coffee.

I kegged the Brown Ale and the Belgian Wit for Saturday's Oktoberfest. Both tasted great and am looking forward to feedback.

Monday 10/21

Cleaned kegs for Tuesday and used the previously cleaned kegs to keg off the British Pale Ale and the Coffee Porter.

Filled out insurance applications to get umbrella coverage quotes. We are looking for a company that will cover property, workers comp, liquor liability, etc...the whole 9 yards. Each all is long and detailed which I've gotten used to.

Filed and created a LLC to establish a real estate development company. This is necessary to get a city tax abatement on our current blighted property. We should receive final docs within 30 days.

Sunday 10/20

Took some time to relax in between cleaning kegs...watched Sam Bradford blow out his knee and effectively wipe out what little hope I had. Let's get em next year.