The Renovation

Originally Posted 7/8 on the original blog: 


This blog is meant to detail the renovation of the upcoming brewpub in Festus, MO. This brewpub has been in the planning for over two years and things are really starting to pick up. While the renovation has been going on since last October, this is the start of the actual documentation. Hundreds of photos have been taken showing the transformation of a building that was on the verge of crashing to the ground. Barry Foster (my dad) and I have been doing the vast majority of the renovation on our own without any prior experience, making the process both hard and rewarding.

If you get a chance, drive down to the corner of Main and Mill Streets in Festus and take a look yourself. If the doors are open, feel free to stop in and say hello while checking out the progress.  Check back here often for some updated pictures. We are close to publicly announcing the project through the local media but until that time, feel free to tell friends about the upcoming brewery and don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.