Brew Archive 

Having brewed over 100 variants in the short time we've been open, our aim is to keep it interesting and continue bringing you new beers every week. While our flagship, Clyde's Ale is always on, we offer a balanced variety in our constantly rotating selection, with TEN TAPS to choose from.

Here's a list of some of the beers we've had the pleasure of serving since opening our doors. If there's one you're dying to have more of, let us know! 

Got a hankerin'?


American Dark Wheat        4.7% ABV, 13 IBU
dark beer with small notes of brown sugar and caramel, ideal for those with a taste for lighter beer

American Wheat         4.8% ABV, 12 IBU
a light and refreshing wheat beer with mild citrus flavors from Cascade hops

American Wit         4.6% ABV, 10 IBU
an american take on a belgian classic, loaded with citrusy orange and coriander

Belgian Wit Ale        5.1%  ABV, 13 IBU
an unfiltered wheat beer brewed with coriander, curacao orange peels and fresh orange zest, with a low hop bitterness

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter        4.5%  ABV, 20 IBU
a rich porter loaded with peanut butter and chocolate   

German Hefeweizen        5.0%  ABV, 10 IBU
german wheat ale with strong notes of banana and clove—a true summer brew

Green Chile Ale        4.0%  ABV, 6 IBU
light ale with a spicy aroma and a subtle heat from anaheim and serrano chile peppers

Thursday Night Incident         7.7% ABV, 80 IBU   
late-hopped double IPA focusing on hop flavor and aroma rather than intense bitterness with tons of citra, galaxy, and centennial hops. in memory of that one thursday night at the great american beer festival in Denver

Double IPA         8.8% ABV, 85 IBU   
Dry-hopped for 7 days, in 2 separate stages, and loaded with over 12 lbs of hops in every batch providing a blast of citrusy, hop aroma with a pronounced bitterness

Dry-Hopped Golden Ale         4% ABV, 5 IBU
a blend of our house blonde and our base berliner weisse, dry-hopped with Azacca and Galaxy giving it a very juicy profile

Extra Special Bitter  "ESB"        4.8% ABV, 36 IBU
A caramel forward English bitter with notes of toffee to give it a nice balance and finish  

Morning Session Stout        4.2% ABV,  23 IBU
in celebration of the incoming season. brewed with cinnamon, chocolate, maple, vanilla, and mississippi mud espresso, we try and keep the ABV low while mimicking the flavors and feel of an imperial stout     

Oktoberfestus         5% ABV, 15 IBU
one of our most popular beers, brewed with copious amounts of munich and maris otter malt giving it strong notes of toast and malt as we roll into fall

Pumpkin Porter        9% ABV, 18 IBU
combining pumpkin pie flavors of the season with the smooth roasty flavors of a porter, creating a differing take on an area favorite

Session IPA       4.3% ABV, 43 IBU
super aromatic IPA focused more on the hops than the ABV. Loaded with pounds of Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops, this an IPA that can be enjoyed throughout an evening  

Chocolate Milk Stout       4.0% ABV, 11 IBU
session ale with an abundance of chocolate roasted malts and cacao nibs from Ghana to impart an intense, yet smooth chocolate flavor with natural milk sugars for a bit of added sweetness

Session IPA       4.3% ABV, 43 IBU
super aromatic IPA focused more on the hops than the ABV. Loaded with pounds of Cascade, Centennial and Columbus hops, this is one that can continually be enjoyed throughout an evening

Coffee Stout       5.0% ABV, 23 IBU
black as night with a serious Mississippi Mud Roasters coffee addition, this is a coffee lovers dream, or just a good beer for anyone willing to go to the dark side

Imperial Grapefruit Saison       10.0% ABV, 27 IBU
fruit forward and surprisingly refreshing, although high alcohol saison featuring over fifty hand zested grapefruits

Winter Wheat        4.7% ABV, 11 IBU
a healthy dose of wheat malt and a focus on caramel and light toffee 
while remaining light and easy to drink

Brown Ale        5.3% ABV, 30 IBU
the second runnings of our future imperial stout, this beer is full of character.. light roasted notes, chocolate, malt, and a light hop note from East Kent Goldings

Red Rye Ale 5.5% ABV, 20 IBU
a malty red ale with balanced bitterness and mild spicy notes provided by the rye malt, Chinook, and Hersbrucker hops

Robust Porter       6% ABV, 20 IBU
a dark but smooth beer with hints of chocolate, caramel, and toast. It's a nice lead into the world dark beers

Galaxy IPA       ABV 6.5%, 70 IBU
our first take at a single hop IPA made with copious amounts of Australian Galaxy hops, loaded with tropical flavors and a smooth bitterness

Lil' Maple Scotch Ale 4.0% ABV, 15 IBU
the baby of our Wee Heavy, utilizing over three gallons of organic maple syrup, giving it a layer of maple that mixes well with the caramel malt notes

Wee Heavy     7.7% ABV, 20 IBU
a strong scotch ale with notes of caramel, toffee, and brown sugar flavors

Belgian IPA 6.4% ABV, 64 IBU
a citrusy, hopped up tropical IPA, powered by massive amounts of Citra, Galaxy, and Motueka hops

Imperial Stout    9.2% ABV, 60 IBU
Morning Session Stout's oak-aged brother brewed with Mississippi Mud Espresso, organic cacao nibs from Ghana as well as vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup

Peach Berliner Weiss    4.0% ABV, 4 IBU
a wheat beer with some added tartness that compliments the delicate natural flavors of apricot

Mixed-Berry Berliner Weiss    4.0% ABV, 4 IBU
a tart wheat beer brewed to compliment the flavor and aromas of fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries

English Pale Ale    4.6% ABV, 30 IBU
a balanced malt forward pale ale but untraditional in that it features american hops—cascade, centennial, and amarillo

Blood Orange Berliner Weiss    4.0% ABV, 4 IBU
a tart wheat beer brewed to compliment that blood orange flavor and aroma

Rye IPA    5.6% ABV, 75 IBU
slightly spicy from the rye with a mix of piney and grapefuit flavors from the centennial, cascade, simcoe, and nugget hops

Passion Fruit Berliner Weisse    4.0% ABV, 4 IBU
lightly tart, brewed to compliment the tropical flavors and aromas of mango, papaya, pineapple, and strawberry

Christmas Bonus Ale    8.4% ABV, 24 IBU
the gift that keeps on giving, our first christmas ale is subtly spiced with ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. the taste of the holiday season with an ABV to help you make it through Aunt Bethany’s jello mold. “Hallelujah, holy s***, where's the tylenol” 

Black IPA    7.0% ABV, 95 IBU
India Pale Ale with Citra, Simcoe, and Mosiac hops giving it a strong citrus base tastefully layered with slight dark roastiness from chocolate malt and roasted barley

Jarrylo Pale Ale    4.3% ABV, 65 IBU
our first SMASH beer (single malt and single hop) made with jarrylo hops and golden promise malt, this one leans toward an english pale style with light earthy almost pear notes from the hops with an accompanying sweetness

Mexican Chocolate Ale    5.0% ABV, 19 IBU
Have you had Mexican Chocolate? No? Well this is a liquid representation that combines chocolate, cinnamon, and three different chiles (ancho, new mexican, and serrano) with a rich stout

Winter Wheat    4.7% ABV, 11 IBU
a healthy dose of wheat malt with caramel and light toffee — light and easy to drink

Saison of Paradise    7.0% ABV, 16 IBU
loaded with oats for a smooth mouthfeel, this saison was brewed with grains of paradise and black peppercorn leaving a dry, complex saison with hints of citrus, banana, and pepper

#100 Brown Ale  ✮ Our 100th Brew! ✮    5.4% ABV, 19 IBU
an oatmeal brown with a thick mouthfeel, slight caramel sweetness, and an enjoyable roasty character, brewed with the intention of multiple upcoming variants — look out for upcoming releases of this brown with additions of caramel, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and more

Citrasaic  6.2% ABV, 52 IBU
our first New England style IPA with almost 7# of hops (citra, mosiac, jaryllo, and azacca) per barrel, creating a juicy, citrus laden profile. this style is naturally hazy from the insane hopping and oats — not from concentrate

Grapefruit IPA  5.8% ABV, 60 IBU
hopped with cascade, centennial, and amarillo hops to give it a grapefruit like citrus aroma and flavor before adding fresh grapefruit zest

Rye Red Ale  4.2% ABV, 20 IBU
a favorite among our brewers; incredibly balanced, ruby red beer — malty and drinkable

Bogey Beast Double Stout  8.3% ABV, 35 IBU
in the shadowy corners of the brewery lurks a beast thought to have been seen by our brewers late at night. assuming the ominous figure of a black hound, he roams only under the cloak of night. this rich, dark stout was brewed as a bargain to the bogey beast to keep him off our trail and yours

Ale of 1000 Suns  4.0% ABV, 6 IBU
when you smell like grass clippings and gasoline, are red-faced, hot and you need something to change your outlook on life. Brewed with honey and lemon, this smooth, easy drinking American wheat beer will make your smile glisten with the brightness of 1000 suns

Blackberry Gose  5.1% ABV, 13 IBU
our first gose—an unfiltered tart wheat beer brewed with natural sea salt—this one utilizing over 21 pounds of blackberries per barrel, giving it a nice blackberry forward flavor, aroma and deep red color

GIPA  6.2% ABV, 55 IBU
a wheat IPA named for our buddy Greg, the guy that has his own seat at the bar and loves IPA more than anyone else in town. loaded with cascade, centennial, and simcoe hops, this one is packed with hop aroma and has a somewhat subdued bitterness

Thin Mint Stout  5.8% ABV, 60 IBU
a portion of proceeds from every beer sold goes to local Scout troops — so go on ahead and grab an extra one and pour a little out for the kiddos. as for the brew, it is what you think it is: a liquid thin mint cookie. we start with our base stout before aging it on cacao nibs and fresh mint... and it is good

Thursday Morning Incident  9.4% ABV, 50 IBU
a portion of proceeds from every beer sold goes to local Scout troops — so go on ahead and grab an extra one and pour a little out for the kiddos. as for the brew, it is what you think it is: a liquid thin mint cookie. we start with our base stout before aging it on cacao nibs and fresh mint... and it is good

Imperial Mexican Chocolate Stout  8.3% ABV, 35 IBU
briefly aged on oak, with additions of cacao nibs, cinnamon, and vanilla before aging on three different kinds of chiles –ancho, serrano, and new mexican. the chiles bring a light heat with subtle flavors of raisins, cherries, and tobacco adding to this complex imperial stout

House Hard Cider  5.7% ABV, 0 IBU *Gluten Free!
pristine apples from the pacific northwest give it a lightly tart yet refreshing flavor. drink one and feel the breeze blowing your hair back in slow motion

Ich Bin Strisselspalt Biere  4.1% ABV, 8 IBU
a light german inspired ale brewed with wild rice and a delicate french hop called strisselspalt, adding a unique spicy/floral aroma with notes of pears, honeysuckle, and grains

Lil' Buddy IPA  4% ABV, 30 IBU
it comes down to this...we love hops. we also want to be able to knock down a few pints while maintaining the ability to effectively high-five afterward. this 4% hop monster checks both boxes. brewed with jarrylo and azacca hops, you'll get some slight candy-like flavors with hints of citrus and peach

Missouri Brunch Stout  6.9% ABV, 18 IBU
the second runnings of a giant stout that is currently aging in buffalo trace barrels, this one easily stands on its own and gives you a bit of a caffeine boost to boot as it was aged on copious amounts of blended mississippi mud coffee

Belgian Wit  5.4% ABV, 10 IBU
a traditional refreshing wit brewed with coriander and 90 hand-zested oranges. you read that right... we actually zested 90 oranges by hand

Rye Red Ale  6% ABV, 18 IBU
a red ale with slight spicy notes from rye, balanced with caramel and toffee notes from additions of crystal malt

No. 12 Saison  5.6% ABV, 14 IBU
brewed with honey malt and three different kinds of fresh pepper, this one’s smooth as carlos santana and crisp and refreshing enough to drink 12 in one evening, although we wouldn’t recommend it  

Steamy Gore Machine  5.2% ABV, 25 IBU
honoring the festus high school rocket club and their world champion rocket of the same name; we’re launching an english pale, as every national and international team that faced festus paled in comparison. cheers to them on a truly amazing accomplishment

Ale of 1000 Suns  4.1% ABV, 8 IBU
when you smell like grass clippings and gasoline, are red-faced, hot and you need something to change your outlook on life. brewed with honey and lemon, this smooth, easy drinking american wheat beer will make your smile glisten with the brightness of 1000 suns

Juicebox NEIPA  6.5% ABV, 35 IBU
coined juicebox for a reason as it focuses on the natural citrus and fruity character of citra and el dorado hops. brewed with a lotta hops before double dry-hopping; giving it a super pronounced hop filled aroma

Dark Knight DIPA  8% ABV, 70 IBU
black double IPA that's dark, mysterious, and strikingly handsome while also capable of knocking you down with little warning. brewed with cascade, simcoe, centennial, and columbus good it's borderline criminal

Straw-Barry Ale  5.2% ABV, 6 IBU
a tribute to the two Barry's that helped build our brewpub - a strawberry forward ale fermented on 200 pounds of strawberries giving it a nice fruit forward aroma and flavor profile 

Samoa Stout  7.5% ABV, 30 IBU
girl scout cookie series! aged on toasted coconut and cacao nibs with some heavy caramel malt notes making it the liquid version of the cookie loved by many *a portion of proceeds will go to local scout troops

Double White IPA  9.5% ABV, 30 IBU
a totally different take on an IPA. fermented with saison yeast with cara cara oranges, lactose, and vanilla giving it a citrus heavy profile while still flaunting the abundance of citra and el dorado hops

The Churchill   • 6.8% ABV  18 IBU
our newest english ale blended lightly with a barleywine that just went into barrels. very malt forward with some nice caramel notes giving it that englishy character — we figure it would be a beer ole' winston would enjoy if he was stuck in a bunker and ran out of bourbon   

loaded with citra and mosiac hops. strong focus on the flavors and aromas of the hops rather than west coast style bitterness. dry hopped twice because two is better than one, at least in this case   

our base stout on a lovely layer of blueberries and bourbon barrel maple syrup. we could spruce this up and talk about how awesome the two work together but why waste time reading when you could be tasting
*very limited availability: no cans, growlers, or howlers

clyde’s ale, dry-hopped with simcoe and amarillo giving it a floral aroma and a touch of hop flavor without any bitterness

our most drinkable stout, this one has loads of mississippi mud espresso, cinnamon, and chocolate with just a hint of madagascar vanilla
6% ABV / 40 IBU

the first in an ongoing series of single hopped IPAs, El Dorado has discernible notes of passion and stone fruit   
6% ABV / 40 IBU

all revenue from this beer goes directly to help rebuild after the California wildfires! Sierra Nevada’s recipe; an old school IPA with Cascade & Centennial hops  6.1% ABV / 70 IBU