history of beers that have been tapped


our lightest beer option, crisp and unfiltered 
with natural fruity characteristics complimented 
with a low bitterness profile

ABV  4.0%        6 IBU


dry-hopped for 7 days, in 2 separate stages, 
and loaded with over 12lbs of hops in every batch providing a blast of citrusy, hop aroma with
a pronounced bitterness

ABV  8.8%        85 IBU


a caramel forward English bitter with notes 
of toffee to give it a nice balance and finish

ABV  4.8%        36 IBU


a light ale with a spicy aroma and a
subtle heatfrom anaheim and serrano
chile peppers

ABV  4.0%        6 IBU


an unfiltered wheat beer brewed with coriander, curacao orange peels and fresh orange zest, with a low hop bitterness

ABV  5.1%        13 IBU


as complex as it is dark with additions of Mississippi Mud coffee, locally-procured maple syrup and a house-made vanilla

ABV  4.2%        23 IBU


a dark wheat with small notes of brown sugar and
caramel, meant for those with a taste for lighter beers

ABV 4.7%     13 IBU