It all started in 2005 when I brewed at home for the first time, making an Irish Red that the roommates drank before carbonation was finished. While the beer wasn't great, the experience was.

After a few more extract batches, I graduated from Truman State and began working in finance for Wells Fargo. During my spare time I learned the ins and outs of all-grain brewing under Festus native, Garage Brewer's member, and current Kirkwood civilian Adam Greminger. After the first all-grain brew day, I was hooked and began thinking of potential new career paths. 

After three years at Wells Fargo, I left and began volunteering at Crown Valley Brewing in order to learn commercial brewing under both Carl Wiersma and Jim Kron, two very knowledgable individuals with over 60 years of combined brewing experience. While volunteering, I had the idea of starting a brewpub in my hometown of Festus but wanted the experience of commercial brewing and the reassurance that the move was right. After about 4 months of volunteering, I was hired full-time and have since worked my way up to Brewing Production Manager. 

About six months of working full-time at the brewery, I decided to plow ahead by fully researching the idea and beginning to write a business plan. The business model and the general plan took roughly six months to develop. At that time, the idea and the ideal location was presented to Barry, knowing that the work ahead would be impossible alone. Barry was thrilled with the idea and has been a vital part of the brewery ever since.

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Denny Foster (31) is working working full-time to get the doors open at Main & Mill. He has a degree in business management and finance from Truman State in Kirksville where he also began homebrewing. After 3 years of dreaded finance work, he decided to volunteer at a commercial brewery with the idea of opening an eventual brewpub. He is a lover of craft beer, sports, brewing, and family. He and his wife Rachel have a 19 month old son, Luke.

Barry Foster (54) is an engineer for AT&T in Festus, MO. He graduated from Illinois State with a business degree. While he doesn't have much brewing experience, he is an equal opportunity craft beer lover. When not enjoying said craft beer, he likes doing demo work inside the building, demo work outside the building, sports, music, and family. He spent years coaching baseball in the Jefferson County area and likely will do so again in the future. He has a wife, Jan, and three children; Denny (31), Fran (29), and Claire (23).