Jifforia Grand Opening Package


Jifforia Grand Opening Package


Grand Opening Jifforia Package is $225 each and contains the following eight items

1) One BA Jifforia mystery variant 750ML bottle in a locally made wooden box stamped with the Main and Mill logo. You will receive one of the following BA Jifforia mystery bottles (Jifforia, Jifforia Fat Elvis, Jiffora Marshmallow, Jifforia Variant A, or Jifforia Variant B). Boxes are being made by Burnt Barrel Designs and sealed with a label. You will only know what variant you have once you break the seal and open your box. There are 125 numbered bottles of each variant option. (Approx. Retail Value $50)

2) One 750 ml bottle of non BA Jifforia (no adjuncts) (Approx. Retail Value $25)

3) One 750 ml bottle of non BA Jifforia Fat Elvis Variant (Approx. Retail Value $25)

4) One 750 ml bottle of non BA Jifforia Marshmallow Variant (Approx. Retail Value $25)

5) One 750 ml bottle of non BA Jifforia Variant flavor to be announced later (Approx. Retail Value $25)

6) One 750 ml bottle of non BA Jifforia Variant flavor to be announced later (Approx. Retail Value $25)

7) One limited edition can 4 pack (Approx. Retail Value $14)

8A) One ticket to a Grand Opening party at the Barrelworks building on 1/18/20 at 6pm-10pm (open beer bar, special beer tappings, appetizers) Package MUST be picked up by the ticketed member at the party. (Approx Retail Value $75)


8B) One surprise bottle for those that cannot attend. Package MAY NOT be picked up at the party and this package does NOT include a ticket to the party. Must be picked up during a proxy pickup day on 1/21/20-1/25/20 from 11am- 7pm.

There are only a certain amount of packages that can include a ticket to the party. When those are sold, only packages with the surprise bottle will be sold. The name on the ticket and package of bottles will be stated during purchase and cannot be transferred, sold, bartered, etc. Proxies will be stated during purchasing and cannot be changed. Your proxy can be different than your previously stated proxy for your standard bottle purchases. Please ensure that you know the names for the tickets and/or name for proxy BEFORE you complete the checkout process. You may only purchase two packages per membership but please see purchasing window details below in red. You may purchase one “attending” package and one “not attending” package but you may not purchase a total of more than two total packages. Spouses MUST order on separate orders if you each have your own membership. If your spouse does not have a membership, you may order them a package as your second package.

**There are not enough of these packages for each member to purchase two. This is a first come, first serve basis. If all packages are not sold to members prior to 10/1, brewery reserves the right to sell remaining packages at our discretion.

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